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Here you will find some recommendations, photographs of the village and its surroundings, a map of distances to places, comments from travellers and a selection of villas and rural houses for rent in Conil


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Conil de la Frontera, an unforgettable place

Conil de la Frontera is one of the so-called white villages of the province of Cadiz. There you will find incredible beaches, shops, terraces, fresh fish, spectacular beach bars, sunsets and a lot of sunshine

Conil is a white fishing village on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean which is very popular for the quality of its beaches. It also has its own attraction and is characterised by the fact that it has been able to preserve its traditions and customs, in the face of a small but significant growth in tourism and urban development. Its main attraction is its 14 Km of beaches, as they are varied and of great beauty, all of them with clean waters and fine golden sand, small, closed coves and wide beaches.

A place to relax

From the very beginning of the day in Conil there is a relaxed atmosphere, people live without hurry and this is transmitted to the traveller, there is no place for stress, it is a quiet destination to disconnect, although it should be qualified, that in the middle of summer and specifically in August is a place much more crowded than in other months of the year.

A quiet lifestyle

The lifestyle invites you to relax, in the morning the sun shines, inviting you from very early on to enjoy a swim at the beach. Few places in the world have more than 3,200 hours of sunshine a year, this fact gives the Costa de la Luz its name. The pleasant temperature in winter, soft and warm in summer, make this area an ideal place to enjoy during most of the year.

A village with a lot of charm

Conil is a cosy village, with simple houses, narrow whitewashed streets, windows and balconies with geraniums and roses, courtyards full of pots. The old town of Conil is small and can be visited in a morning. There we find a layout of narrow streets and squares with the typical configuration of Andalusia, the church and shops in the central square, the Plaza de Santa Catalina, where the Torre de Guzmán is located.

From the Plaza Santa Catalina different paths open up, one of them towards the area of the promenade. The rest lead to different white streets with restaurants and local craft shops, some of them in Mediterranean style, a very popular proposal. Many places have a lot of charm, with splendid Andalusian style patios respecting the typical architecture of the white villages of Andalusia.

Interesting gastronomic offer

With some restaurants and tapas bars the same thing happens, they are places that surprise, with whitewashed corridors that lead us to patios overflowing with flowers and tranquillity, a Spanish guitar sounds in the background and creates an authentic atmosphere, with minimalist and Mediterranean style details that decorate the spaces, the simplicity and delicacy transmit a special energy.

Places to walk

At sunset you can take a walk from the Paseo Marítimo, passing by Los Bateles Beach, which at this time of day is not very busy. From here if you take the left direction it leads to the area of the River that connects with Castilnovo Beach (a stretch of immense virgin beach that leads to El Palmar) and the Cabo de Trafalgar path. We can also take the opposite direction, a route along the seashore to the cliffs of La Fontanilla beach. This is a dramatic and beautiful place because of its abrupt. Here we can take a long walk along the beach, passing by coves such as El Roqueo where there are usually fishermen at sunset.

The seafront and Los Bateles beach

The sunset is magical, you begin to distinguish the colours that the sky takes in, sometimes with a really special ochre that seems to be painted. People continue to enjoy the beach until the last hour, the magic hour, before sunset, an event that has become a ritual. On the promenade and its surroundings you will find hippie stands, mojama and shrimp sales, ice-cream parlours, terraces, cocktail bars, typical bars and incredible sunsets. From here we access the spectacular Playa de los Bateles, the beach par excellence frequented by the inhabitants of the village of Conil.

When night falls

When night falls, people go out into the street to cool off and walk along the promenade. At night it is a pleasure to take a walk through the town, to walk quietly along the beach, to enjoy the gastronomy in some of its restaurants in front of the sea… the temperature is fantastic and invites to do life in the street. Special mention should be made of the nightlife on offer, with live groups, cocktail bars and lots of atmosphere until the early hours of the morning.


Descubre las playas de Conil de la Frontera

Las playas de Conil son realmente espectaculares. En Conil encontraras playas amplias como el Playazo o el Carabeo y calas de estilo mediterráneo como Cala de Enmedio o la del Cuernabillo.



Conil’s beaches are really spectacular. In Conil you will find wide beaches like “Playazo” or “Carabeo” and Mediterranean style coves like “Cala de Enmedio” or “El Cuernabillo”.


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"Perhaps the best beaches in Spain"

All the beaches that belong to Conil are wonderful. From the moment you cross the river towards Tarifa, the best beaches of the peninsula start to emerge one after the other. They are one of the few virgin beaches still left.
As for the town, you can say… it is a delight. It is a seafaring town open to tourism, its old town is very beautiful, with whitewashed streets, where a simple walk becomes a pleasure for the senses, it is small and easy to handle, there are craft shops and much more.


"Unforgettable place of holidays"

Conil is an unforgettable place where you can spend an incredible holiday, eat very well, swim in its beaches or go for walks in the village. A special mention should be made to the visit of the town of Tarifa to the impressive beach of Bolonia, passing through Vejer, which is another beautiful town that I will never forget. From Tarifa we made a great trip to Tangier, we visited its souks and Medina. On the beach of El Palmar we enjoyed the sun and the sunset, on this wonderful beach where there are no hotels …. I recommend a holiday to this unforgettable corner, because whenever I can I return to this special place.


"An amazing surprise"

We honestly loved the town and the pace of life! I don’t say this just because of the beautiful beaches, but because of the beauty of everything.
The white colour is characteristic of its buildings, a white coastal village architecture and preserving its Mediterranean and Andalusian spirit in the flavours, aromas and energy of its inhabitants. Conil has been a pleasant and satisfying surprise, and I hope to return soon to walk the streets.


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Distance to Places of Interest

For your organization we indicate the distances from Conil to the nearest points of tourist interest, leisure and organization

Province of Cádiz

  • Beaches – 0 km
  • Cádiz city – 50 km / 45 min
  • Jerez – 65 km / 50 min
  • Vejer – 18 km / 20 min
  • El Palmar, Zahora y Caños de Meca – 7 a 12 Km / 10-20 min
  • Tarifa – 65 km / 50 min
  • Medina Sidonia – 40 km/ 35 min

Tourist Interest

  • Málaga – 215 km / 2:30 h
  • Córdoba – 270 km / 3:00 h
  • Sevilla – 150 km / 1:30 h
  • Granada – 320 km / 3:30
  • Ronda – 170 km / 2 h
  • Marruecos – 50 min Tarifa / 35 min FerryTanger
  • Gibraltar – 100 km / 1:30 min


  • Jerez Airport – 75 km/ 1 h
  • Málaga Airport  – 200 km / 2:20 h
  • Sevilla Airport – 155 km/ 1:30
  • Puerto Sta. María Shopping Centre – 60 km / 40 min
  • Puerto Sta. María Hospital – 40 min
  • In Conil there are Supermarkets, Banks, Medical Centre, Pharmacies…